The Auction House Incident

Xirek posted Oct 30, 17

Tonight....tonight was a night that will go down in GoF Infamy.  We didn't down the boss.  We didn't bring home the loot.  Floe didn't even win the auction.  But you know what we got that is more important than any of that?  All of that combined even?


I can't tell you the last time that I heard so many people laughing and having a good time in Discord.  All of your voices - even Floe's Lament of the Downed Connection - spoke one thing loud and clear: We're here, we're a team, and we're playing together anywhere and anyhow we can.  

Rault logs in using his cell phone.  Amerdyn logs in on a potato.  Some of us in the civilized world even have real PCs and internet connections!  Miraculous!

I haven't felt this light-hearted after a raid in a long time, including some of our more epic raid kills.  

So let's hear it for one another and the team that is growing together, raise a toast to Fellowship and uncountable good times to come.


As move into a new Tier and a new Expansion in the months to come, we just can't keep with the same ol, same ol. The Guardians deserve better that the nonsense that the website has become. To this end, Xirek your GM has spared no expense to make us a new resource that is worthy of the GoF brand. 

NEW Features

  • Scrolling gallery that leads into news articles 
  • Dynamic scaling navigation bar lets you easily move around the site
  • Awesome new progress page to show off to your friends
  • Amazing About Us page with additional recognition features
  • Direct connection to WoW Armory - find your character in just one click!

If you haven't checked it out yet, definitely give it a spin. It is Leadership's hope that the new and improved website becomes our preferred portal for navigating all things WoW. Big thanks to our designer AT SLAYER for making this all happen over the months.


"Elune's light reaches its zenith!" (triggered)

After working on them for a night straight - we walked in and just absolutely obliterated the Mythic Sisters of the Moon on the Farmgression night no less!

Great work by everyone on the team learning how to dodge rotation blades of death while still pumping out the DPS/HPS. Through teamwork and careful planning we beat that debuff mechanic. We're on our way to dance with the Desolate Host now!

The Legion is here - and the Guild has responded to the challenges being thrown at our World. We've made some major changes in the Organization from WoD and have introduced some new roles to support our war efforts. Despite a bit of a delayed start due to work considerations (read: Xirek travelling) we still managed to bounce back and knock out a full clear of Normal the first week to warm up. Wednesday it was back in and a one night clear! As we rev up for the next challenges ahead, we encourage you to stay positive, encourage your team mates and invest in your Guild. 

Normal Clear

Nothing like kicking off the New Year in Guardians with some website updates. Today, we've got a really great shot that we were able to capture from our Mythic Kilrogg kill. Also, we've got an important thread running about Mythic Gorefiend so make sure to get invovled in the discussion (or at least be aware of what's up). Also, check out and contribute to "Staying Classy" our knowledge archive for our beloved classes in WoW. We'll see you in game again soon Team and remember to always represent us with style!

Mythic Kilrogg

The Emerald Nightmare: 100%
The Nighthold: 60%
Trial of Valor: 67%
Tomb of Sargeras: 44%
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 100%
Balance Druid
Feral Druid
Assassination Rogue
Subtlety Rogue
Affliction Warlock
Demonology Warlock
Destruction Warlock