The Three Fundamentals of GoF
  1. Be Excellent to One Another
  2. Don’t Hurt the Team (The Akilleys Protocol)
  3. Keep it Fun for Everyone

Code of Conduct
  • Show Appreciation for your Guild
  • Assume Honorable Intent
  • Keep the Real World out of Azeroth (Politics, Religion, etc)
  • Joking is fun, but stop means stop.
  • Respect players both in and outside of the Guild
  • Protect Our Reputation

Show Appreciation for your Guild
It's important to show appreciation for each other that we are playing together and not alone. We encourage you all to be as engaged as you want to be. Get involved in the Discord banter, make a post on GoFBook or show your gratitude in other ways.

Assume Honorable Intent
Assume the best of intentions from your teammates. Remember this in the way we treat and react to one another. When conflict happens, let’s handle them as mature adults and address the tensions. Own your relationships and if help is needed contact a member of the Guiding Council or Imperial Family.

Keep the Real World out of Azeroth
No polarizing or incendiary topics in public channels (G-Chat, G-Book, Discord, Trade, etc). As a Guardian, you represent a higher caliber of player and of character. Use your best judgment before opening your mouth or hitting your keys and consider "What am I serving by doing this?"

Joking is Fun, Stop Means Stop
We all love a great run of giving Guildmates a hard time every now and then but if someone asks you to stop, for whatever reason, you stop. There should be no second thought, your Guildmate asked you to cease. This keeps us in alignment with our core fundamental of "Keeping it Fun for Everyone".

Respect Others & Protect Our Reputation
Represent the Guild with dignity. It is your charge whenever you interact with anyone to show why GoF is a cut above the rest. Remember that the PUG you just helped could someday be your fellow Guildmate. The same goes for interactions in Trade, Forums, Discords, etc.