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Nightbane run in Return to Karazhan

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Nightbane run guide
For those of you that don’t know, there is a hidden boss in Return to Karazhan, Nightbane, who is summoned in a very special way. He drops 875 relics, trinket, and chest piece that boosts other Karazhan trinkets. This will be a short guide/walkthrough to help y’all run it. Feel free to message me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Before stepping into Karazhan, make sure that everyone has an idea of the route taken so that no one gets lost if they fall behind. Everyone should have good food, a flask, and an invisibility pot for each attempt.

The Run:
When you step into the instance for the first time, the timer does not start until you open the door directly in front of the portal. When ready, head right from past the door and pick up the spirit add. Keep running and picking up the packs of spirits towards the end of the top floor of opera. AoE all the spirits, while watching for the coins that fall from the sky. Once those are down or start to get low, head to the lower level and pull all the way to the stage. Start the opera event while you kill the adds, again watching for the coins. You want to reach this part at around 2 mins into the run, 6 mins to hit the crystal from that point

Feel free to hero on the pull but DO NOT use your second pot. Only pre pot. Wikket and Westfall story are pretty quick overall but be careful of time if it’s a Beautiful Beast week because that one takes significantly longer.

Post-Opera / Maiden Crystal
After opera is down, pull all the adds in the next two rooms, watching for the stuns and explosions they make when they die. Once past the werewolf, invisibility pot as you walk down the ramp under the opera event. You want to skip the packs of casters and melee stunners down there. Past that room head up to the front of opera where the first crystal is. You’ll need to pull most of the observers to be able to click the crystal since they will aggro very easily. Once you click the crystal everyone near it gains a 6m buff (Medivh’s Echo) to click the next crystal. Head and grab the ushers at the entry and head towards Maiden of Virtue. The next crystal is in the guest room next to her. You do not need to kill Maiden. None of the adds do a whole lot in this area so just make sure to not die. Again, once you click the Maiden crystal you get another 6m buff and the current one stacks to two. Head towards the balcony above Moroes’s room and jump down. Clear the room.

Easily the hardest fight in the run because you’re not going to crowd control any of the adds. Kill priority is: Catriona>Keira>Dorothea>Crispin>Rafe/Robin. Make sure Mana Drain (Dorothea), Healing Stream (Catriona), and Empowered Arms (Keira) are interrupted at all times. Everyone watch out for Crispin’s Will Breaker because it will likely take you very low if you take more than one. Pop hero and all dps cd’s on the pull and most defensives if you are the tank. You need to get the adds down QUICK or a badly timed garrote on the healer will results in a tank death.

Post Moroes / Spider Room
Once that fight is down, make sure to grab the crystal if you have 2 stacks of the buff and do not forget to grab his keys! You cannot get to Curator later without them. Once you have the 3 stacks and keys, head out the front of Moroes’s room and head down the stairs. Hang left and enter the Servant’s Quarter/Spider Room. Watch out for pats, but beware of the small blue spiders. Tank, keep them pointed away from the group. Head towards the back of the area, and don’t rush. This is probably the easiest crystal to grab. Once you reach the crystal and portal, break one of the webs in the circle and make sure the person clicking has 3 stacks of the buff. Once you have the 4th, take the portal and you will be back at the entrance to Kara.

Pre Curator
From the entrance head left and up the stairs, pick up the ghosts as you go and aoe packs of 3 or 4 of them at a time. The timer is kind of close at this point because it’s a long run to Curator. Head up the broken staircase towards Curator. Make sure to recover your soul from the add before Curator’s room. Once in the room, pull the arcane adds depending on your timer left. Pulling two packs at once is difficult on the healer but saves lots of time. If Curator gets pulled just run back into the hallway and he will despawn.

Curator / End of Run
Pull curator as normal, and when he is dead make sure to get the crystal. As long as the stack was at 4 before curator, the 5th will change the buff into a completely different buff (Medivh’s Presence). From here head back to the entrance via the broken staircase and head onto Nightbane’s landing under the ramp near the entrance to the dungeon. Anyone wdith the new buff can talk to the specter patrolling the area and summon Nightbane.

Nightbane Fight
3 phases, hero on p2, use 1m cds on pull but hold anything longer. Throughout the whole fight, Nightbane will cast Charred Earth which puts a puddle of fire under the ranged. All ranged should be stacked and move together to control where the puddles end up because there is VERY little room to move. Nightbane has a tail swipe and breath in p1 and p3 so melee stand on his side.

Phase 1 (100-50%):
Ranged stack on one wall, move back when Charred Earth comes in, over to the other side when the second one comes in, and back forward when the third comes down. The most important ability this phase is Ignite Soul. The person debuffed needs to step into the fire on the ground to get their hp as low as possible. After a few second they will explode for their current hp dealt to all other party members. ~25-30% is a good number to aim for so you don’t die to incidental damage. Healers watch out for burning bones debuff, when you dispel it you create adds so heal through what you can, but feel free to dispel when there is too much going on. Each add that dies debuffs the area around them with an increased physical damage taken debuff which can easily be fatal to the tank. Interrupt Reverberating Shadows. Set up a 2 person rotation and a back-up for it. Occasionally, Nightbane gains Concentrated Power or Infernal Power for 10s. Concentrated Power causes him to deal more physical damage and Infernal Power causes him to radiate fire damage for the duration of the buff.

Phase 2 (50%):
When he gets to half, Nightbane goes in the air and becomes immune. He summons an add called Bonecurse that needs to die to transition to p3. Healers need to heal Absorb Vitality or Bonecurse heals based on the debuff’s damage done. Ranged should move to the other side of Nightbane and continue to drop Charred Earth in the same manner. During this phase, he puts a stacking debuff on people that will keep stacking until Bonecurse dies. Generally, you want to keep this below 6 stacks if possible. The debuff slows based on stacks and deals high physical damage. Additionally, the small adds from p1 spawn occasionally, just aoe them down and try not to have too many die at once to prevent the tank from taking too much physical damage. All dps cooldowns should be popped to prevent the debuff from stacking too high

Phase 3 (50-0%)
Once Bonecurse dies, Nightbane lands and has all of his abilities from p1 with one additional and the debuff from p2 remains. The new ability, Bellowing Roar, fears everyone for 3 second. Tanks need to be careful and have mitigation up in case they get feared into a bad position. Ranged should move back to the first side shortly before Nightbane lands as it should be clear of the Charred Earth from p1. All the mechanics are handled in the same way and it becomes a dps race to kill him before the group dies to the debuff from p2.

Hopefully Nightbane is dead at this point and you’ve collected loot. If the speed run failed, you can retry it with a fresh lockout but someone will have to bring an alt in temporarily to reset the instance. Once it is reset, you can leave the group and bring the original character back to the fresh instance even though all the characters are locked. Thanks for reading, let me know if you need any help, I love running this!
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Solid info there Braz. Just to expand a bit on the movement for the ranged.
Have the tank position the boss so his head is facing the ramparts and his tail is facing the wall to avoid tail swipes. The Ranged DPS stack together about 15-20 yards from the boss. It is important that they are hugging the rampart. A giant AoE fire circle gets placed under the ranged. Step backwards out of it. After AoE #2 step to the right and hug the wall. After #3 Step forward a bit. In essence you have just moved in a Square and allowed the fire to clump in one area. You should be entering Phase 2. Move to the other side of the boss and do the same exact thing. The other mechanics on this fight are brutal for the healer, and fucking up fire pool placement is almost guaranteed to wipe you. After P2, go back to your original side (it should now be clear). Melee should be on whatever side of the boss the ranged is on so that they dont line of sight the healer
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